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The Whitby Cheese Co.

Whitby Jet with Seaweed


* New Wedge Shape* photos soon.

The same smooth & creamy Jersey milk cheese infused with the tantalising umami flavour of seaweed, now in a delicious chunky wedge.

Enveloped in a fine green coat of wax, the firm moist body is flecked throughout with our blend of Dulse & Kelp seaweed.

These ancient 'superfoods' of the sea add the elusive taste and are amazingly rich in essential minerals & vitamins.

Perfectly packaged, Whitby Jets are also proving popular gifts.

Cousin to Whitby Jet with Chipotle and Whitby Jet Original, this lively trio can be relied upon for hearty relish.

As each Whitby Jet truckle is individiually hand made the size will vary but not be less than 260gm.

Uncut the truckle will keep well, its protective wax preventing it drying out.

Named for the elusive gemstone Whitby Jet, gathered for generations along our shores and fashioned into beautiful jewellery.

Made with:
Fresh Jersey cow's milk (pasteurised)
Vegetarian rennet                                                                                                                            Dulse & Kelp Seaweed flakes( sustainably harvested)

       Allergens: advisory note from our Seaweed Supplier 'whilst every care has been taken during harvesting this product may contain traces of shellfish'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



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