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Wholesome & moreish.

Sandsend is suffused with the subtle umami flavour of red Dulse ,gold-brown Kelp & green Pepper Dulse.

A firm favourite with all our customers, Sandsend is liberally flecked with colourful flakes of these natural 'superfoods' of the sea, giving an elusive aftertaste that is difficult to describe, but inexplicably delicious!

'Umami' is Japanese for the fifth taste, literally ‘deliciousness’.

Organic and nutrient rich, seaweed is an amazingly rich and natural source of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Inspired by a reference to 'making ready the wrack' in the old family recipes, and named in homage to Sandsend, a place of childhood memories.

Sandsend is a semi-hard 'Tomme' style cheese, aged for a minimum of 3 months with a natural hand rubbed rind of seaweed in a little olive oil.

Made with:
Fresh Jersey cow's milk (pasteurised)
Vegetarian rennet
Dulse & Kelp Seaweed flakes (sustainably hand -harvested)

Allergens: advisory note from our Seaweed Supplier 'whilst every care has been taken during harvesting this product may contain traces of shellfish'


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